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Bringing WA closer for over 120 years.

While the name 'Transwa' may be relatively new, we've been providing transportation to regional West Australian for over a century. We're proud to say that we officially link 240 destinations across the state, from Kalbarri in the north to Augusta in the South West and Esperance in the South East. We provide daily transport to major regional centres such as Bunbury, Kalgoorlie, Northam, Geraldton and Albany.



1877 - A Government agency, the Department of Works and Railways, is established to create and maintain railways within Western Australia.

1879 - 26 July. The first Western Australian Government Railway from Geraldton to Northampton opened.

1880 - 10 May. The foundation stone for the Perth Station is laid.

1880 - 1920's - Motor buses increasingly dominate public transport across metropolitan Perth.

1887 - December. Dedicated passenger services began with the establishment of The Kalgoorlie Express overnight service to the goldfields at Kalgoorlie-Boulder.

1937 - Australia’s first diesel-electric railcar train, the Governor Class, begins to make country services.

1938 - 4 June. The Westland replaces The Kalgoorlie Express overnight service to the goldfields.

1941 - Railway Road Services commenced with one bus on the Perth-Kojonup via Boddington and Williams route.

1947 - 24 November. The inaugural Australind train between Perth and Bunbury begins. Road bus services are also introduced between Perth and Bunbury, Brunswick Junction and South West Branch Lines to Busselton, Caves House, Flinders Bay, Nannup, Northcliffe, Boyup Brook and Collie.

1953 - 7 January. The Australind tabled to stop for the first time at Armadale station.

1961 - 31 May. The Albany Progress commences service. This overnight service-connected Perth to Albany along the Eastern and Great Southern lines.

1961 - 30 October. The Mullewa is introduced, providing rail services to Mullewa.

1964 - June. The Shopper and Bunbury Belle services between Perth and Bunbury is introduced.

1964 - 2 September. The Midlander is introduced, providing rail services to Mullewa and Geraldton.

1964 - 7 November. The Albany Weekender begins services between Perth and Albany on the weekends.

1971 - 29 November. The Prospector service is officially introduced, replacing the Westland service.

1974 - 17 March. The Mullewa ceases service.

1975 - 28 July. The Midlander ceases service.

1975 - 19 September. The Westrail image and logo are introduced.

1975 - The Shopper and Bunbury Belle services are withdrawn.

1976 - 12 November. The Westrail Centre officially opens.

1978 - 1 December. The Albany Weekender is replaced by road coaches. Several of the carriages were leased and are currently running on the Hotham Valley Heritage Railway.

1984 - May. The new livery is introduced for the Prospector train.

1985 - 28 May. The last Australind service to and from the old Bunbury Station occurs.

1985 - 29 May. The new Bunbury Passenger Terminal is opened.

1987 - 5 November. The inauguration of the new Australind train.

1988 - 14 November. Executive service on the Australind commences.

2000 - 17 December. The freight business is sold to the Australian Railway Group, along with the Westrail name and logo.

2003 - 28 May. The Transwa name and logo are introduced (renamed from Country Passenger Division).

2003 - 1 July. The Public Transport Authority of Western Australia is formed through the amalgamation of Transperth, WAGR, School Bus Services and regional town bus services.

2004 - 28 June. New Prospector railcars enter service.

2005 - 29 July. Prospector railcars which first commenced services in November 1971 are officially retired from service.

2005 - 1 August. New AvonLink railcars commence service.

2005 - 10 September. Geraldton Southern Transport Corridor officially opened.