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Australind - Perth to Bunbury

When the Australind train service was introduced in 1947, it represented the final link in the provision of a new coordinated rail-road service network throughout the State’s south-west.

Hauled by a steam locomotive, the original Australind carried up to 285 passengers over the 186 kilometre journey in less than 3.5 hours. A service was provided in each direction every day of the week except Sundays.

By the mid-60s, the journey time was down to about three hours, reflecting the changeover to a diesel-electric locomotive, with the Australind still regarded as the ‘glamour’ train of Western Australia. Travel brochures of the time proudly proclaimed that the level of passenger comfort which included carpeting throughout, music and a public address system, comfortable two-tone seats and buffet-lounge cars featuring stylish stainless steel and quilted plastic, could not be exceeded anywhere, even by air travel.

This comparison was recalled when the current Australind, which operates with self-powered diesel units, was introduced in 1987 and used as one of its marketing slogans: “The train that thinks it is a plane”.

The Australind, which is based in Bunbury, now provides two train services each way each day, including Sundays, with a journey time of two hours and 30 minutes. Snacks and beverages are available for purchase. Passengers please note, Credit Card and Eftpos facilities are not available for Buffet sales or for the purchase of on-route tickets on Australind services.

The Australind has travelled an estimated 6 million kilometres, and forms part of Transwa regional rail service.

Passengers to note:

North Dandalup, Yarloop and Cookernup are all low level platforms. Passengers are required to use stairs in order to board and/or detrain at these stations.

Australind Services to/from Bunbury depart and arrive Perth Station - Platform 3.

Passenger access to Platform 3 is via Wellington Street, Perth City.

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